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logo 20150226 smallBalesse was create to Put People’s Pain in the Past.

Through Bowenwork® Karin Bergener helps clients restore their essential physical, energy and emotional balance, and regain their ability to heal from illness and injury.

Bowenwork – Bowenwork is effective for physical injuries, improving performance, relieving pain and restoring overall wellness.  It is not massage – clients keep their clothes on – and although many Bowen moves are in the same locations as acupuncture points, there are no needles or intrusions into the body.  Bowen clients report it is effective for reducing or eliminating pain from:

Fibromyalgia and Other Chronic Pain

Migraine Headaches



Plantar Fasciitis

Aches and Pains of Aging

Colic in Babies

Surgical Recovery

Back Pain

Uneven Leg Length

Hammer Toes

Frozen Shoulders

Sprained Ankles



Bowenwork is based on osteopathic and Japanese acupuncture principles. These were combined by Tom Bowen in the 1950’s, to create a unique bodywork method.  Even with these roots, Bowen moves are not made to manually move bones, and specific acupoints are not pressed upon.  Instead, specific “moves” that engage fascia, and are sometimes over tendons or ligaments, release tension.  Between sets of moves, the Bowen practitioner leaves the client alone, so that the changes that have been initiated may work their way through the body.  Often clients report having experiences such as heat or warmth in an area that spreads through the body, deep relaxation, rapid relief of specific pain, or re-energizing of nerves that have been numb.

You keep your clothes on while receiving Bowenwork.  The effects of a session may continue to unfold for up to 10 days afterward.  Problems are often resolved fairly quickly and people do not need Bowenwork again, but come back to ensure they do not reverse to their original painful condition.  The moves that are performed in each session, the number of sessions, and the frequency of visits are based entirely on the client’s needs.

EMF Devices  Use the energy of electronic devices to improve your energy, and better protect yourself from EMF.  EMF is emitted by all the electronic devices around you – cell phones, auto electronics, microwaves, computers and their monitors, and wireless routers are just some of the items that issue EMF.  Use Q-Link devices to energize yourself, and create zones of converted energy.  

  • How to Buy Q-Link devices:
  • Go to this link for the Q-Link Products directory   This automatically links to Karin.
  • Call Karin at 330-608-5906 and place an order.
  • Go to the Q-Link Products site, and insert Karin’s Reseller number 52980 at checkout,
  • Order by phone at (877) 658-2498 and tell them Karin’s Reseller number 52980.

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